Mapping Time

Support Networks of at-Risk Scholars

“Support Networks of at-Risk Scholars” is one of the network maps prepared within the scope of the “Mapping Funds” Project. The objective of this map is to examine thoroughly the institutional and regional relations concerning academic freedom by analyzing and visualizing the worldwide open support networks of at-Risk Scholars.

In this map, there are 6 node types categorized as institutional and organizational actors and 4 edge types to distinguish relations. Actors of the network are allocated as network, university & institution, foundation & initiatives, funds & projects, company, public utilities; and relations of the network allocated as network, founder & supporter, collaboration, member.

However, these general types of actors and relations are not suitable for all cases and seem as details to avoid, but they were chosen deliberately to avoid information overload and keep the map compact. On the purpose of observing the supporters relations with organizations, all connection type of Scholar at Risk, CARA and IIE are viewed as “network” node. Nevertheless, detailed information is embedded as properties into the map for deeper research and filtering the map.